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A remarkable investment opportunity

Amicas Investments has over 20 years of experience and a proven track record. Become part of three prime Salida properties, a successful restaurant, and an exciting new opportunity in Lo De Marcos, Mexico. Get involved for as low as $5,000.

Join a winning team!

Hi, my name is Michael McGovern.

My family and I have lived in Salida, Colorado for 15 years. During that time, we built a successful restaurant called Amicas. We recently decided to provide our children with a multi-cultural experience by spending winters in Lo de Marcos, Mexico, where our children attend an international Waldorf school in the jungle. We fell in love with the area and have found there to be amazing opportunities for growth here! We have recently been able to expand our business and aren’t ready to stop the expansion! We invite you to learn about our business and join us. 

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Amicas Investment’s Portfolio

Salida, CO

We Invest in Our Employees & Our Communities

Home & Abroad

Community: We have been able to maintain profits and an above-average work environment while giving back over $100,000 annually to our community. This will continue as we are very excited to be able to make impactful changes with our community members. 

In the initial phase of building in Lo De Marcos we are working to bring 5,000 gallons of free clean drinking water a day to the town.

Employees: We remain committed to giving our employees the very best working environment, with all of the benefits they currently receive and even more opportunities to grow with our company. 


Health insurance

Life insurance

Lo de Marcos, MX

Restaurant, Hotel, and Beach Club in Mexico

We’ve been hard at work to expand the Amicas franchise and now have all the necessary permits, licenses, and permissions to purchase property in Lo De Marcos, Mexico. This area is experiencing incredible growth and when you see the beach, you’ll understand why.

This expansion allows us to be operating in “peak” season year-round and continue to support our workforce. With a hotel, restaurant, and beach club as some of our development possibilities, Amicas’ renowned hospitality will be greatly expanded with a second location.

Extensive preparations have already been made and our employee infrastructure will allow us to move our team fluidly between locations. As we consider various properties, our projected returns are exciting.

2nd Location

Full-season business

Mexico expansion

Salida, Co

Amicas Pizza & Catering

$2,000,000 Valuation

More expansion/ franchising of our business models is possible and probable in the future without having to look for additional capital.




salida, CO

Proposed Upscale Luxury Campground

$1,500,000 Valuation

Proposed upscale urban campground on our property near the Arkansas River in downtown Salida, Colorado. (Coming soon)

15 potential sites


Luxury Camping

Salida, CO

Employee Housing with Room to Grow

$1,100,000 Valuation

We purchased employee housing last November to ensure we have a safe and affordable place for employees who need it. 


6-7 Bed

3-4 Bath

What investors receive

We will have an annual evaluation of the business after-tax returns are done annually. This will give you a starting point of the share value. If you choose to sell, Amicas will have the first right of refusal on purchasing shares back. If terms are not agreed upon you can then enter negotiations with a 3rd party. If terms are agreed upon with a 3rd party Amicas has the first right of refusal of that agreement. 

Our valuations

All of our Colorado real estate/land values are based on either a 5%-6% growth annually until 2026 and 0% after that. What we are seeing right now in Salida where our 3 Colorado properties are located is a 2%-3% growth monthly! This means our projected values are extremely conservative over the next 4 years and show no additional growth in the market after 2026.

Join Amicas Investments

Your investment will include all of Amicas’ holdings, not just the Mexico Property that we are currently raising funds for. Purchasing the property in Mexico will be under a separate LLC held by Amicas Investments. There will be no debt on the property, so it is an instant $2,500,000 asset to the company. The property comes fully furnished and ready to book and bring in income right away! 


2022 Valuation


Projected 15-year yield


Shares in 2022


Share price

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Download the Amicas Investments White Paper
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Download the Amicas Investments White Paper
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Download the Amicas Investments White Paper
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